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Established to Do Good in the Community

Trinity Lands was formed by merging three foundational trusts, Lichfield Lands, Longview Trust, and Hillview Trust. The original trust was founded in 1951 with land cleared for sheep farming. Since then, the trusts have evolved through agricultural cycles to emerge today as dairy farmers, kiwifruit growers, and property investors. The original founders of the three trusts that form the base of Trinity Lands today, focused on supporting people who were involved in full-time Christian endeavours throughout NZ.

Founded in 1951

The original trust was founded in 1951 and land was cleared for sheep farming. 

Purpose Driven

The Trinity purpose is driven by faith and a shared objective of never tiring of doing good in our community.

Cows at a Trinity Lands dairy farm

People with a Purpose

Good governance is critical to the success of any business. Our grandparents, and great-grandparents, who started the trusts were renowned for their sharp business acumen and they ran those first farms with the express intention of making them hum. They were acutely aware that the more they could earn, the more they could give to their community.

Extensive Volunteer Input

We run a very lean operation and rely heavily on extensive volunteer input from people with proven agriculture nous. In recent years, we’ve created a small paid executive and ensure we have appropriate governance for an organisation of our size.

“Those of us entrusted to oversee Trinity Lands today are driven by the same desire to perform to the best of our abilities, so we can do the most good possible.”

Corporate Responsibility

Trinity Lands has a social corporate responsibility as a landowner and business operator in the local communities of South Waikato and Bay of Plenty. Beyond our wider charitable purpose, we seek to support core services and social support functions in our local communities.

“We want to leave assets which are thriving so they can benefit future generations. We manage the land for our beneficiaries, utilising a long-term window.”

Environmental Sustainability

Trinity Lands is focused on being a responsible landowner. Our farms, orchards and forestry land comply with environmental regulations. We continually look ahead to see how we can improve through systems and technologies.

In Trust:
A New Zealand Story

To continue to grow and broaden our reach, we need the right mix of people who have both the business acumen to develop and a strong passion for the community. This mix is what makes up our governance. It is through great people like these, that great things happen.