Tirau Emergency Vehicle

Serving the community

A new emergency vehicle started operation in Tirau in August 2022, ready to serve the surrounding community with everything from fires to crashes to drownings.

Brett Fleming, Trinity Lands’ GM Sustainability, says the emergency response vehicle is an essential addition to the Tirau Fire Brigade fleet.

Trinity Lands donated $60,000 to purchase the vehicle, while $70,000 of additional community fundraising provided the cabinet on the back of the truck and specialised rescue and medical equipment.

Gray Baldwin represented one of Trinity Lands’ parent trusts, Longview, which has a 70-year history of making charitable donations to the Tirau community. Gray, a Putaruru dairy farmer, says the farming communities have been grateful to have the fire brigade nearby to help with vehicle fatalities, bush fires, medical emergencies, downed power lines, fuel leaks – and even the delivery of a baby!

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