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Farming for good

$235,000 donation for Waikato Ambulance & BoP Refrigerated Food Truck.

A brand new $185,000 state-of-the-art St Johns ambulance has hit the roads of South Waikato today thanks to the generosity of Trinity Lands, a set of trust farms farming for good to give their profits back to the community and good causes.

Another truck has also hit the road thanks to the farmers giving an additional $50,000 for a refrigerated truck for Good Neighbour, a Bay of Plenty charity which re-distributes food to local people in need.

“It’s a privilege for us to be able to donate to these amazing charities. Our purpose at Trinity Lands is to farm for good, to give our profits back into local and community good projects and we’ve made these donations as part of our 65th birthday celebrations.”

the late Ian Elliott
Farmer and MD of Trinity Lands

Giving back to communities in need

We are just delighted to have been able to help get these two trucks on the road before Christmas, which sadly, is a time when there is so much need for both. 

As an organisation, Trinity Lands has just celebrated 65 years of farming for good. We are proud of our achievements which are the culmination of the work of hundreds of farmers & orchardists over more than six decades. We believe it is a noble undertaking to make and produce good food from the land but also to be able to do it profitably so we can give back to communities and people in need.

“Demand for our services has never been greater and as a charity we rely on the generosity of the communities we serve. We never take their trust and support for granted, and are so grateful for the generosity of Trinity Lands. Their contribution will help us make a vast difference in the Waikato community.” 

Stuart Cockburn,
St John Waikato District Operations Manager

“Christmas is a time of real need in the Bay of Plenty so the timing of our new refrigerated truck couldn’t have come at a better time. It will make a tangible difference in the lives of many hundreds of families and we are thrilled that Trinity Lands has been so generous at this important time.”

Jason Rowling,
Trustee and co-founder of Good Neighbour

“Most of our management executives have worked without pay for many decades and we honour their contribution to our farms, and to the many good causes we have supported over the years.”

Ian Elliott